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提示to Choose the Right Title Search Company – Is Title Insurance Always Needed?



Is an insured title product with a corresponding title policy required for all your title searches? Do you always need to pay for that premium?


What if you are a judgment creditor looking to determine assets of the judgment debtor? What if you are installing equipment of some kind and need to know any easement restrictions before starting?


  • 更新搜索– just what it sounds like, an update to a previously issued policy or title search which has examined and reported title up to a certain date.
  • 所有者和归因搜索- 通常是从当前所有权契约获取(全价值,武器长度或可接受的整个兴趣点)前进的搜索,尽管可以根据需要扩展标准;本标题报告限制了对当前所有权信息和留置权影响确定的日期期间的资金信息和留置权。
  • 地役权/边界争议搜索– Specified searches (usually 30 to 50 years) which report only non-monetary matters affecting the premises, such as:
    • Utility Access
    • Drainage and other easements of necessity
    • 包含地块权限的限制包括常见地役权或设施的协议,并提交地图/记录平台。
  • 真实的财产搜索– Index and Title Plant examinations to locate any real property owned within a defined party name and county.
  • A“两个所有者”产品,类似于“所有者和Encumbrance” search in context but includes the immediate previous owner along with the current owner in the title search. This expands the search period to address any prior matters not removed from the prior owner (old deeds of trust, UCC 1’s tax/judgment liens) and uses the same search criteria as listed above in #2,
  • 全标题搜索– Full Title reports which defines matters in the record specifically affecting real property and lien information including:
    • Real Property Taxes
    • 地役权,记录协议和限制(有时称为C,C和R)
    • Equitable liens (Deeds of Trust/Mortgage; Judgment; Federal/State Tax Liens) and other money liens affecting the real property and its ownership parties.
    • All three of the above, depending on your risk management objectives and demands, may not need a policy. In those cases, you can save yourself a lot of money by employing the services of a国家标题研究公司.

Title reporting is an intricate and detailed process. To accurately inform your decision making, you need experienced and expert know-how to craft a comprehensive report worthy of your trust.


What should you look for in a Title Search Company?

可靠性 - 标题搜索公司是可靠的吗?

  • Are reports delivered when promised?
  • 如果工作延迟,您是否在其之前提醒,或者在已经迟到之后?
  • 标题搜索公司的商业有多长时间?
  • Do they carry Errors and Omissions insurance?

质量 - 标题搜索公司是否生产质量报告?

  • 他们是否了解标题规范和海关?
  • 他们是否详细了解标题文件?
  • Do they read and understand legal descriptions? Many searchers rely on parcel numbers or addresses instead of carefully reviewing the legal description; this practice can lead to incomplete and inaccurate reporting.

覆盖范围 - 标题搜索公司是否提供全套服务?

  • Do they provide nationwide coverage?
  • 他们提供其他公共记录服务,这些服务补充其冠名服务,如公司和UCC吗?
  • Do they provide dedicated customer service support?

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